5 Steps to Build a SIX-FIGURE INCOME in the Beauty/Barber Industry

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Master Barber, six-figure success story, and your new mentor in the beauty industry. From cutting hair to cutting through financial obstacles, Cory has blazed his own trail and he's ready to share his secrets.

His groundbreaking book, "Manage Your Station", is a 5-step guide to building a thriving, sustainable career in a field you love. Learn about branding, scheduling, keeping your word, and the art of delayed gratification, straight from someone who's been there.

Why should you trust Cory? He's not just an author—he's a highly successful practitioner who's turned his passion into profit. His approach is fresh and engaging, focusing on innovative strategies like subscription models and carefully selecting clients. But Cory's not stopping at just sharing his wisdom; he's committed to your success. Get your free copy of "Manage Your Station" today and receive automatic free access to invaluable business management courses and tools.

Cory's approach to teaching is as unique as his business model: he's fun, inspirational, and down-to-earth. This is more than just a book—it's a one-way ticket to financial independence and personal fulfillment in the beauty industry. Let Cory guide you, entertain you, and above all, inspire you.

Click below now for your free copy of "Manage Your Station", and let's start the journey together. Don't just dream about success—live it!

Meet Cory Wallace

Cory is a professional Master Barber for 20+ years, former barber instructor, current business owner & US Military Veteran. He is a graduate of Hampton Roads School Of Hair Norfolk, VA (Barber School), Paul Mitchell School of Nashville, TN(Cosmetology), Genesis Career College Lebanon, TN(Barber Instructor) and owner of The Stag Pad Barber Shop located in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina.

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